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Maui Diamond

Molokini scuba on Maui Diamond is one of the very few boats that offers Molokini and Turtle Town dive trips for both certified and introductory divers. Two tank scuba is included for certified divers. Dive sites vary based on weather, diver experience levels, and special requests. Certified divers go in a different "pod" and do two dives in the 60-70 foot range: the typical locations are Molokini and Turtle Town.

Not certified? No problem, you can still go diving with them. Absolutely no diving experience is required but participants must be able to swim and have a good health record (see the tips section below for health requirements). This is a great chance to experience the world of scuba and decide if a certification course is something you'd like to pursue. It's a much better introduction to the underwater world than an intro dive in a swimming pool! Introductory dives include a brief lesson on the boat on the way to Molokini. Once you arrive at Molokini intro divers will enjoy snorkeling the pristine and incredibly clear waters at Molokini. Then it is off to Turtle Town where you will experience a 20-30 foot introductory dive with one of the most fascinating residents of Maui's reef systems, the Hawaiian Green Sea turtle (also known as 'honu').

Those who are doing an intro dive on the Maui Diamond often ask why they can't do their into dive at Molokini. The short answer is the state of Hawaii's Department of Natural Resources has passed a rule that prohibits non-certified scuba divers in the crater. Intro divers will snorkel at Molokini and then do their introductory scuba dive at the second location. There is one advantage to this though … the "reef's end" area of Molokini where the dive boats moor offers the very best snorkeling at Molokini.

General Information


Certified diving is offered seven days a week. Intro dives are only offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Check in is at 6:15am at Maalaea Harbor slip #23. The address is 101 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793.


40 foot dive boat with a capacity of 21pax. Maui Diamond is Coast Guard certified for 21 passengers but the trip is limited to a maximum of 15 divers.

Included in Tour

Continental breakfast, deli lunch, and cold beverages.

Gear Provided

Introductory dives include all gear. Certified dives include wetsuits, tanks, weights, mask, snorkel and fins. Those needing a breath controlling device and/or a regulator are charged a $15 rental fee which is included in the "need gear" rate published above.

What to Bring & Wear

Certification card for certified divers. Wear swimsuits, towel and sunscreen.

Restrictions & Health Concerns

  • Minimum age for introductory dives is 10.
  • For those who plan to do an introductory dive, you will need to fill out a fairly lengthy health profile at the start of your dive (even certified divers have to do this, but most of their health problems have already been screened so it's less of an issue for them).
  • If you have a history or asthma, bronchitis, or other breathing disorders, are on any prescription medications, have problems with ear infections, neck or back injuries, smoke, consume significant quantities of alcohol, or are in otherwise poor shape it is important to address these issues before committing to a course.
  • If you sign up and then are disqualified on the day of your dive because of an obvious health concern you may not receive a refund. (They were holding a space for you that they won't have a chance to sell to anyone else.)
  • Please Please PLEASE disclose any and all health concerns in the box provided on the reservation form. The list above is by no means complete … ANYTHING other than perfect health should be disclosed. We will contact you to get more details when appropriate; a divemaster will make a determination about your particular situation.
  • When booking scuba diving, plan your dives so that they don't overlap with activities that involve high altitudes. If you plan to do the downhill bike tour, a helicopter flight, trips to other islands or just driving to the top of Haleakala, it is best to do those things first before you begin your diving. While it is more important to avoid high altitudes for 24 hours following your diving, many of the dive companies will require you to be at sea level for a full 24 hours before you begin your diving as well.

Cancellation / Weather Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the event. Molokini as a snorkel destination is somewhat weather-dependent … while all of these tours that advertise Molokini as a destination will make every effort to provide guests with the experience they seek, a few days a year the tours get diverted to an alternate snorkel spot. All snorkel destinations are ultimately the decision of the captain of the respective vessel and that decision is always made with the safety and comfort of the guests in mind.

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